When we talk with reference to beauty, the feeling of main outer organs like face, hair,
eyes, ears, neck, arms and hands arises in our mind that surely reflects on the upkeep of
these peculiar segments of our body. In the expression of beauty these are the main players
that take part in a whole game and finally determine the win and loss of this game. From
this logic we conclude if beauty of structure as a whole is to maintain, we have to give
particular attention to these parts of our body. Hair are the first entice when the face

is the second. Concentration on the ornamentation of these two gift is a sure way to winning
the game of beauty. Today, in beauty competitions first thing that is considered for an
award is hair and then face. Mostly world beauties won the award due to the hair care. Only
in Europe, more care is given to these two parts as compared to other parts of the world.


Beauty has been a long-lasting desire of every beating heart. And this tendency was always
found somewhat more among the females. Human evolution has today made it a potential trade.
According to statistics, American females spend more on beautification that the budget of
a power African country. This trend touched that level when human made it an industry
“Beauty Industry”. Global beauty competitions are held today where billions of dollars
are bet to determine “Prince of Beauty” etc.

This industry currently captures almost half economy of the world. There is no state
where we don’t find increasing choice of beautification both among men and women. Now
to see which organs of our body take an active part in singularity us from our fellow
beings. Answer is the face and the body are the first and foremost guarantors in this regard.
So, some worthy tips are proposed here to maintain and enhance their health and beauty:

Spotless & Fair Complexion:

It is but natural with everyone of us to see our face free of any flaw or spot. To use
creams or fairness lotions provide your face a timely grace and whiteness. Same time
stopping their use will make your face worse than before. So, avoid using such solutions
rather use the herbal medicines to acquire a natural origin of the organ. If we use natural
beauty tips for natural facial whitening, it will bring a long-lasting impact on facial
skin. We should also know that all the market products cause pimples and rashes on facial
skin. Bleaching the skin every day also causes multiple problems.


– Apple is one of the best herbal fruit to give whiteness and tightness to your face skin.
its one ingredient i.e. Alpha Hydroxy Acid that plays a pivotal role in lightening and
creating elasticity to your face skin and color.


Take pieces of a peeled apple and dip it into 1/4 cups of milk for 20 mnts.
Blend it to a paste and put it in the fridge for 10 mnts.
1 teaspoonful of lemon juice should be mixed with it and shaken thoroughly.
Put it on your face and neck and letting it staying for 10 mnts remove it and
then give a ice massage to the area pasted.

– Orange juice being one of the best solution for softening skin. It is used
for natural toning of your skin. It has vitamin A & C juice of which helps you clean
the facial spots etc.




Make three tablespoons of orange juice available in a bowl. With the help of a piece
of cotton put it on your face and neck.
Let it stay there for 5 to 7 mnts.
Repeat the practice for a week’s time after that watching the results.
– Lemon & cucumber is also a herbal fruit best suited for oily skin. It softens and makes
the facial skin oily and soften giving it a natural entice to others.


Take the equal quality of juice of lemon and cucumber.
Mix it thoroughly
Put it with the help of a piece of cotton on your face and neck.
Let it stay for 10 mnts
Daily repetition of the practice will give your face a natural glow and fairness.
– Turmeric
Being the best choice for face whitening, it almost gives all characteristics to
you face.


Put one teaspoonful of turmeric into three spoons full of lemon juice.
Let it be a paste
In the form of mask put it on the face for 15 mnts
The best strategy is to wear this mask three times a week.


Dearth of humidity and fluctuation in temperature – that is the cold outside and the warmth
inside cover hair frizzy, dry and unmanageable. So, please escape from such a situation
that helps make your hair healthy, beautiful and shinny. The exposure to dust and pollution
is one of the most disturbing issue that does not allow our hair to be beautiful, shinny
and attractive. We should try to keep our hair away from these three evils. Especially
dust & sun are the basic destroyers of hair. On the other hand, market products contain
chemicals that is the agent deadly against the growth of hair. Cleanliness is the only
hidden secret for healthy hair. Let your hair keep mild.


Similarly, eggs work wonder on our hair. Yolk contains lot of fat and proteins that moisturizes the white and the white helps remove unnecessary oils thus use of it helps condition the hair.
Hair is the first magnifier of our personality. When we take our eyes up, the first
glance we have is the hair. If they are stylish and glittering, no doubt, our personality
is added. they increase the grace of our face as well. Hair and eye are the real eye-
slipper to each other. And any eye so slips, is the determiner of one’s manners. Therefore,
our first focus should be our hair and second our face. Both of these organs play a pivotal
role in presenting us in a right manner to others.

How to Take Care of Hair?


Make out two bundles of hair left and right Grip tightly the left bundle brush it from top to root with a brush.

Repeat the practice 5 times at least
The same practice should be repeated with right bundle
within days you will see the change creating a natural growth of them.

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