Sex is an evil that keeps stimulating the youth particularly and during the age from 7 to
25, they are mostly seen thinking over sexual scheming in nonavailability and if it is
available, they become wild to get satisfied otherwise they often wander about no matter
a male or female. Sex is a birth right of every individual born and it is the society
of the government to create legal sources for all citizenry to get them satisfied with
this right. A conventional way is marriage but in free societies there are laws under

which you can engage in sex with any one you like or the couple is agreed to do so. same
time there are some societies where there are some religious, legal or social bindings where
it becomes a violation if sex is observed with or without bilateral consent. Here the crimes
increase and the people involved in sex become mental focusing on the solution of this problem.

Definition of Sexual Problem:

Two terms are used in this context first the “Sexual Problem” second the “Sexual Dysfunction”.
Both refer to an issue at any stage of sexual response cycle which stops the man or the
couple from getting satisfaction from a sexual activity having 4 steps Plateau, excitement,
organism & resolute. According to the modern researches the sexual dysfunction is 43% of
female and 31% of male report some degree of difficulty as common being an fissure many people
are interested to discuss.

However, most of the cases of dysfunction among these are found to be treated so better to
share the problem either with your life-partner or the specialist.
Individual Male & Female Causes:


In male members this sexual excitement is either physical or psychological. Physical causes
are conditions of physique or medical becoming the issues with sexual function. But the sexual
dysfunction within the women are somewhat more complex which are cleared here under:



During this epoch when female sexuality is being openly discussed and portrayed on media, magazines and on the internet, it no longer remains a secret or matter of shiness to share with the close ones butthe most proper medium is your life-partner where you feel free of any fears of leakage etc.

Today when science and technology is at its peak, females themselves better understand the
sexuality and sexual health and meanwhile they keep learning exceedingly about their sexuality.
As far as male is concerned, What actually sexuality is for a female? In fact, sexuality
entails a broad sense of activities relating physique and experiences of psychology. To
be close and intimate, such activities meet a significant physical and emotional requirement.
It actually doesn’t contain only the practices made sexually rather it contains your realization
about yourself, your relating to others and about sex and its significant experiences etc.
No doubt, female sex is a delicate matter but today when science and technology is tough
horizons it is left nothing but a play of minutes.

Today’s woman is well aware of what is the best and what can be while engaging in sexual activity with man. As far amusement, the couple enjoys the inter-course equally if planned and done within the limits of expert limitations.


We are all aware that like others, sex is also a gift which we enjoy according to our
intellect and particularly during this age when science & Technology has extended its
horizons, we can collect as much information potential to engaging into sex, as we want
and that too at the rust of any single penny.

Both the sexes waste their sexual power by some illegal ways that makes the practice unable
to satisfy his/her counterpart. But those who take special care of it since the beginning,
doubtlessly, enjoy sexual activities till the end of their life. Therefore, from this
proposal it is that we should preserve our sexual aptitude under all situations so that
at the time of function, it can be fully potentialized and amused.

Any fruit when eaten, unless its taste is enjoyed no use to do so. In other words, sex
is also a fruit though engaged for reproduction, but when you relish this fruit its gordge
be felt so that transition of such experience may easily be sent to the next generation.

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