Fashion and beauty are two different terms but they are too much entire-related to each
other. When we talk about fashion our focus is both on well-dressing and beauty of our
body. As far both are, they have become a universal business these days. We have tough
competitions of both – beauty and fashion – where there is fashion there is beauty. There
are multiple tips and tricks about fashion to change a life and similarly there are uncount-
able tips of beauty that work untold.

Actually, beauty is a natural blessing awarded by nature to a man or woman and the fashion
is its ornamentation. Fashion blooms the beauty of body and face without which to think
that we can make us presentable is impossible. Fashion also leans us a true style of life.
When beauty is its companion. In other words, we can say both are indispensable to each

How fashion developed? it was due to the beauty of figure. When the teenagers start thinking
about keep their figure young-looking these both of the weapons were brought into use and
then different tips by experts were defined for their maintenance. Today, in the world
market particularly in the market of internet we see the competitions of beauty and fashion
are held globally. Here, the contestants get potential benefits both monetary as well as
of fame. These of course accompany their life to be conducive of privileges of different

At the rings of both the game, there are judges to make out fair decisions and so they are
are finalized. In the biz world we see how the champions are determined and how they are
benefited by adds and videos by lot of organizations to be caste at huge wages. This
trade has become one of the top-renowned on the online circle.

We have many websites of different companies and forums who advertise their products or
name by a model (male or female). Same time we should be aware of the fact that without
such an activity, a business can not flourish. Below are some important tips for both
fashion and beauty practice of which may help you become a star at Hollywood:


Fashion first demands a perfect figure
Perfection of figure requires balanced food, care of each organs
Organs internal or external needs proteins and vitamins for exposure


The dressing: In it we see how can our outfits can match or contrast our personality.
Matching needs a broad vision about your wearings instead of cost etc.
The cosmetics you use for fashion are needed to fill the the gaps that may hinder
in the way of good-looking.

Engagement is the eyes of the common folk. When you are fashionable and happen to be
in a mob of common masses you just keep your eyes on how many eyes are falling on your
personality and if you find an average substantial, it means that your fittings are
in match with your structure. Thus such a tip/trick may be noted and when at an event,
this may be repeated where your figure entice will be automated. Same time what you have
worn is also enhancing you beauty and it is the beauty that has created such an entice of
your structure.

Honey is the best food for human body so don’t lose any chance to use it since youth to
old age. It helps improve your beauty and thereby it becomes for early type of clothing
to match your body for fashion.

Papaya is a natural herb for skin and if skin of our face is tight, there seems no reason
why our fashion is in the fuss. Use of papaya at face daily is one of the best strategy
to improve your beauty and to contribute to fashion world.

If you have pimpled face, the best remedy to it is the hot pepper. It naturally works so
that within days your pimples on the are prey to elimination and face becomes fresh and full.
Put it at the upper level of your mind that pimples are the main enemy of your beauty and
fashion so when they are treated there seems no reason that why your structure does not
become ever-attractive.

Today we have lot of anti-aging creams/lotions in the market of fashion that may be effective to
look us according to our cravings. Same time we should avoid usage of unauthentic product
in the market. those manufactured by the reliable manufacturers can be made use of.
Throughout the history teenagers tried to make them fashionable and beautiful but a few other were successful.

Why? Because most of them wasted money an time in not choosing the right way or product
instead they depended on every advertised item and tried it. We have to be very careful
here or instead of getting gain would get loss

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