History of fashion has been following us since our birth on the earth. Though in the
primitive times, man only tried to wash and clean his/her face but with the evolution
it became an industry where millions of dollars started being involved. We used in the
past austerity in making our figure catchy, but over time, it assumed a status that riched
as human prospered. Today, it is invisible to no eye and understandable to no mind that
without fashion, to keep socially fit for one has become impossible. Unless we seek
support from fashion, we can’t exist or survive.

Fashion During Current Epoch:

Today, we see this trending of fashion in individual, society and nations. In other words,
we can claim that without fashion social survival is next to impossible. If we are unfit
in outfits, expression of body and face, are unacceptable to the society.

Fashion Among Teenager (Boys):

Today, we see that our youngsters are flying high in fashion. Every wonder becomes a
fashion in this age. They dress themselves where every sight turns in relish. They look
funny and enthusiastic doing so. They make in this way thousands of their fans who adopt
them and become a fascination of every eye. They seem to be spending dollars on their
clothing. Their color choice is one of the choicest liking them their fellows.

Fashion Among Teenager Girls:

When we turn our eyes to the ladies, they seem to be spending an amount of billions on
dressing, beauty and other ornamentation. During this age, we find beautification, parlous
and beauty shops within closest distances. We find young girls fond of beautification
and queuing up for their turn to be par-loured. Even in the Islamic states where this
was a time considered illegal, now is assuming a status of morality. In all middle eastern
states we find women more absorbed in fashioning than men.

It has become a conventional culture of all the big functions and events like marriages,
parties, feasts etc. where we see fashion of worthless quantity. From a poorest to a richest
we find fashion disguising their economical status. One can’t differentiate between the
rich and the poor if one happens to be in at an event of whatever nature.

Fashion is also demonstrated by keeping different types of fancy birds like buggery or
pirate parrots (Australian Species). Fashion is demonstrated by keeping racial dogs and
pigs. Here in all activities we see fashion sharing the today men and women.

As an industry, people are earning billions of dollars by presenting as models for different
products manufactured and advertised the renowned companies. Fashion competitions and
other contests are an alive evidence to the dignity of fashion. Lastly, the fashion has
become a source of surviving for the man-kind today.

In film industry, when colorfully dressed stars appear, they fascinate thousands of
hearts of fans and foes at the same time. Fashion is one of the affectation but without
it nothing can work during this epoch. Now the science and technology has shared stunningly
to the uplift of fashion too.

Fashion being a prominent style especially in footwear’s, clothing, make-up and hair style
provides opportunities to many among us who earn manufacturing and producing all the above

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