Your figure is indented to fashion during this epoch. This is an epoch of science &
technology where nothing is possible to achieve without trending. Obviously, current
trend is to adorn your figure, give it fancy touches so as to present it to the age in
an enticing way. And this is only through the help of fashion. No matter a male or a
female, fondness of fashion is equal in both the sexes. But same time the female focus
is a little bit stronger than the male members of any society. Fashion assumes the shape

to the tune of the culture and traditions of a particular society so we have Europe, Asia
Middle East, Sub-Continent and so on where culture and traditions differ from one another.
But at an international level, global fashion is an industry that dominates all racial cultural
and traditional values. A film industry is the fountain of any fashion development. The hub if fashion is thought Hollywood in Europe and while in Asia,the Bollywood (India) and Japan.


Europe having a advantage of Hollywood, is the leader in fashion world. Every fresh edge of fashion emerges either in USA,UK, France or some other states there. But the USA just for Hollywood, is in a dominating position. Every day newer fashion is being introduced here. Models male and female are sharing this industry.According to a rough statistics of fashion, in USA including Bollywood only the women spend more dollars on facial and body decoration than the budget of a poor country. A worth of millions of dollars is individually or collectively blown away on fashion tips and fashion achievements. Here,every man and woman is absorbed in winning the upper most status in fashion contests and competitions.

In New York only one sees newer emergence of fashion type and it is also catchy and craze
for the viewers. It is a place where if outfits of someone are torn for some reasons, you
can present it a fashion adoptable throughout the world. Even the Hollywood stats assume
this as a pride of presenters. Clubs and corridors are replete with the visitors who are
enthusiast of fresher types of fashion. There we find mania of fashion where find find male
and female models who become a source of fashion industry bringing in the record financial benefit.



In Asia we find India Bollywood of Asia, and Japan the leading vagabonds of fashion because of their film industry.No doubt, Indians is a poor nation having second biggest population in the world but their film industry is counted second after the Hollywood and all Asian fashions take birth at
this platform. Bollywood is globally recognized today and their stars are of international
fame like Hollywood. Next to it, we find Japan where also an industry is based on strong
basis. They produce movies that are displayed globally and earn extraordinary foreign
exchange. They are also considered one of the main producers of fashion in Asia.


In Arabia though there lie all Islamic states but whose Arabian clothing has its own taste
and treasure. We find simplicity there but it is more than that in Europe and Asian. In
other words, we can say it a hidden-exposure. Their outfits are rising their beauty even
in this simple state and some time its exceeds the parameters existing in Europe and Asia
about fashion. Their stars are covered within the armaments of costly worth but their figure

is appearing itself even in a coverage. Special Fashion Weeks are observed in the state of
Arab where different fashions are introduced and models are presented.

In Indian film fares, lot of fashion tips are achieved and adopted by international level.
Similarly, in Japan they have a strong filming yard most spacious and supporting in this
regard. Actually, Asian fashions develop from these two countries and even copied in world
as a whole. In Asian fashion we find austerity but comprehension. Affordability of the
forums and people is hard but even then millions of dollars are spent on it.

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