Fashion today has not only an activity man of today takes it up as hobby but it has
become an essential equipment for social movements and live achievements. When we
analyze our life success and failure, first consideration is fashion because it shares
almost all aspects of our life. No matter a man or a woman, a kid or an aged all have
to share fashion trends and unless one does so, he/she can’t survive at all. Fashion
is one of the global markets where as other online, we acquire manifold benefits what-

Fashion plays a pivotal role in uplifting individuals so as to earn money and material.
Fashion takes one who adopts it to the social peaks of life and it helps become a star
of a society. He/she shines like a star in the sky in his nation where lies respect,
honor, wealth and health. Fashion is carried out at levels i.e. if an individual or
nation is poor, it being within its limits, adopts fashion that depicts its ancestral

Like all other big professions, we can say that fashion has become a smart profession
of the day. It is many in one that means when we enter in the world of fashion, we
have to undergo different situations which all become a support for our future in
principle. Fashion is believed to be an esteem of man of today. Without fashion he/she
is considered a dull member of society. Fashionable individuals are respected every-
where and they are recognized to be a fit figure morally and culturally.

Fashion is philosophy that is to be unveiled to access the real aim of our life. Fashion is

a peak of life itself. Fashion is stressed in almost every institution of human activities. There is also a type of fashion that is called a professional fission.This type of fashion produces renowned celebrities and personalities who become a glory of this universe. Fashion has kept its place high in almost every age whether present or primitive. Without ornamentation, human could not proceed in any field of life.

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