During this latest age when every human aspect is sky-kissing; when we have set our goals
at peak; when newer techniques are emerging and prevailing; when addiction of drugs is also
at its swing; fashion has also taken up the same trending. Like addiction of heroine, option
and powder, the fashion is exercised in the same way in this modern time but fashion addiction
is a little different from others. The additions of other stuffs drags an enthusiast to
morality while the addiction of fashion longer one’s life on. Meanwhile it is an advisable
saying that addiction of anything may be a curse. The fashion addiction is also seen in the
same parameter.

Harm of Fashion Addiction:

Fashion today is giving a sheer harm to people and planet as it involves a waste of worth
of billions of dollars that affects the social economy as a whole. Over-pending on fashion
makes societies poor and amount so spent is considered a wastage of resources. Who is respon-
sible for all this? Surely, the fashion industry is responsible for all this. Today we see
trillions of dollars being spent in film industry on fashion where stars and escorts present
them on the stage with costly drobes and they have to maintain expensive wardrobe as well
just to meet the requirements of casting and acting.

In Hollywood and Bollywood only underestimated amounts are blown on fashion and fashion items
by the industry and the stars. Some intellectuals term this an affectation harming many
of us who can’t afford to make up their three-time bread. Not only expensive outfits is
the market of fashion but cosmetics and other armaments which shine our desire of fashion
are in play all the time.

We have innumerable fashion and lovers but when they meet earth other a quick match takes
The beauty creams, soaps, lotions and other relevant items that are worth of billion of dollars
and infused in fashion observing. The consumers of these items are forced to buy them every
week whether have or not a substantial budget to keep them updated with the modern trending.

If, on the one hand, fashion is necessary but on the other, it is unwanted because of the
very cause of humanity. At one end, we are trying to make the universe a paradise and at
the other, we are wasting what we have for the service of it.

Fashion Craze:

We find fashion craze among the youngsters and female members of our society who very blindly
spend lavishly on making fashion products available no matter they have to lend the price
to be spent on making clothing and cosmetics available. When they have of look of the movies
produced during this age, their focus is on clothing, beauty and beauty items so used by the
stars and supervising clique.

We are not discouraging the fashion tendency here but we are just trying to fix parameters
of a particular human activity that costs heavily some time beyond the budget of a person.
Though the industries referred to are potential business but even then craze in it is a
negative trend that needs to be corrected.


To be trendy during this era is right of us but craze is something else. Fashion has countless
advantages no doubt. If we want to present ourselves trendy and fashionable, and also no
doubt fashion presents us what we crave to be but the same time we at-least have a view of
our resources to afford or not to afford. One of many things to put a presentable affect
on fellow-beings is trendy by the support of fashion of today. Fashion makes us stylish
enjoying our age the fullest.

Of course, in the race of the world today uniqueness is needed to have a go-ahead and
without it we can’t march forward or keep pace with the modern world, therefore, to seek
support of fashion and beauty is a MUST but at the same time we have also see if right of
others are not affected by our own activities. We have millions of lovers of fashion and
style in the world. When they meet each other a quick bond takes place among them because
of fashion and style. Fashion here becomes a personal source of expression themselves.

Fashion does not help coincide each other’s views of fashionable but it extends to the
stylist living of particular people. It is their recognition as well.
Today’s man can’t survive without fashion but even then we have to take regard of its
lavishness and other factors involved.

Growth of Fashion among Youth:

Fashion also helps set out likes, dislikes, approaches, behaviors, dresses matching the
changing scenario of the world. In the old times, people were used to traditional way
of flinging and it can’t work today.

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