April 26, 2018

Central Superior Services (CSS)


Unlike PCS, CSS is an examination attainment of which helps you become allrounder in the field of government machinery. In other words, you become an indispensable organ of Bureaucracy on which the root of a government bases. CSS stands for Central Superior Services. Its qualification enables you to get a high class cadre in federal services.


Css exams. take place twice a year arranged by the central government. Three subjects such as English, Islamiat & Pak. Studies are the compulsory subjects to pass containing 200-marks each while the other optional subjects are either of 200-Marks each of 100-Marks each. However, if optional subjects of marks 200 each you will choose, you will have to keep 3 only and if your choice is of 200-each then you will have to choose only 3 subjects.

If one chooses the optional subjects of 200-each then your subjects will be lesser and in case of 100-each then your subjects will increase. Here, only those who are extra intelligent are successful becuase competition is so hard that you will find no specific syllabus for this exam. Anything from anywhere you may be asked thus we have to make a thorough study of universal issues, inventions and development as a whole.

Once you have got qualification in CSS, it is the government which becomes responsible to provide you a high cadre job in the centre. This fact in view, the candidates look for right corner to get prepared. There are multiple competitors who ensure prepare you to get throught it but we don’t shout in pursuit of heaping up money. To guide and prepare the students we think it a worthy trust and focus on the right lines leading to a sure success.

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