April 25, 2018

IELTS Course

What’s & How IELTS plays in our Career?

IELTS stands for International English Language Test Services that was
introduced by Cambridge University, United Kingdom. After TOEFL, IELTS was made mandatory for all the prospective candidates either going abroad for studies or service particularly to states supported by European Union. In other words, one who has qualified IELTS is eligible to get admission or job in western states. Being an authenticity for the purpose, IELTS imparts knowledge of English speaking, international awareness whatsoever coupled with enabling one to express himself or what he says natively in the state he/she desires access to.



Kinds of IELTS:

IELTS has two kinds e.g. Academic and General, the former is meant to enable a person to be fit to understand, express, read and write english language where literally 4 (four) books are read/taught and latter is able to impart a thorough knowledge of the language that includes the grammar, syntax, speaking, expression, reading and writing & listening respectively and where 6 (Six) books have to be read/taught. The main organizers of EILTS test are either BRITISH COUCIL or AMERICAN CENTRE in Lahore particularly where there are others that are authorized agents not mentioned here.




Approximate Expenditure to be Incurred
for the attainment of IELTS certification:
The preparation period for the IELTS extends from 3 – 6 months during which we have to cover either all the books for Academic IELTS i.e. 4(four) in number or IELTS General as stated earlier containing 6 (Six) books to be covered either in 3 or 6 months.



Book Pricing: Rs.1000-1500 (US$ 10 to 15 approximately) each
Test Registration Admission: Rs.25000 (US$250) relaxable during 2nd attept
Tuition Fee: Rs.15000 (US$150) approximately

How does IELTS work?
To get admission/scholarship to join any universities of the world it is needed. To join any other academic environment in whatever capacity, it is needed.
Even to get service in any western states the certification of IELTS
is needed.




Test Criterion:

We have to undergo four tests to acquire at least 6.5 bands that include reading, writing, speaking and Listening comprising multiple questions. Each test has a specific duration during which it has to be taken. Fluency in speaking during IELTS test is seen. Listing aptitude of a candidate is recorded during listing test. Writing test records the preciseness in grammar and syntax etc. Reading records both the fluency as well as velocity in the language. This is what an IELTS consists of!


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