April 26, 2018

Mediocre Course


This is one of the medium-sized English Language Courses we conduct. During this course very basics of language are taught within a duration of 3 short months. During this course we teach basic English grammar including tenses etc. After two month’s preparation, we give
speaking touch to the extent that a student may eliminate his hesitation, if any, in speaking. Special class is also arranged to interact among the students themselves so that an academic environment
can be given to them.

Fee Criteria:

The fee against this course is charged to the student on monthly basis. Also each student is given opportunity individually to speak and express his viewpoint on a given topic. He/she is able to avail the opportunity equally.

Assessment during Mediocre:

During Mediocre, each student is also assessed about the caliber he/she has achieved during 3 months duration of the course and if found, still in competitive, he/she is tried to direct to the success point by extending more facilitation to him/her to grip the standard speaking power in the language.

Our Mediocre Course, unlike others, is a sure way to success if and when attended and practized fully. Also it is judged that mediocre students do this course to be promoted to an advanced stage of English speaking. To make them able to achieve the target, they are equipped with the tools to access the final target.

Xellenttraders.com Priorities:

Ours is a service round the clock for the ease of the learners. We give priorities to those whose position we find a little bit less in the art. We also assure each student of Mediocre Course to be perfect till leaving our online service. The students who have accomplished our Mediocre Course afterwards got 7.5 bands in the IELTS with a slight more struggle. It is also a helping tool in your all competitive examinations etc. Hoping you the best of success.