April 25, 2018

Privacy Policy

Xellenttraders.com is one of the leading websites where heavy traffic move to to avail its
service. Our policy ensures that any time our client can turn to us for the addressable of
their grievances/rights if and when jeopardized. We also ensure not to disclose any of
the information provided to us for any business purposes. However, we do reiterate here

that the information of the customer can be exchanged between our agents involved with us
in this service. Also the details can be exchanged with other customers to protect the client
in legal way. In addition, the details can also be used for legal purposes, to protect ourselves.
If it is needed in the court of law, can be provided with prior information of the client.

Terms & Conditions:

Our range of service provision is as under:-

SEO – Search Engine Optimization
Website Development
Web Designing
Logo Designing
All kinds of printing
Funds details
IT Service
English Language Courses
Shorthand Courses
Competitive Exams
Article writing with unique content
Plagiarism correction
Thesis of all kinds
Domain Hosting Purchasing services etc.


For all the above business, we have authentic telephone nos. email and form for any complaint
to us. You can contact us on our telephone No. email us and also by filling the form available
at our website. Any grievance you will arise, will not take longer to be solved immediately.
To share business with us, first you will have to fill in the form at our website and submit
to us. In a very short span of time, you will be receiving our reversion to detail you in this


If you have used service service consecutively for 7 days (a week), you are eligible to claim
a refund of your amount deposited but after 1-7-days depending on services you will purchase.

we reserve the right not to refund the amount.
The payment method you will use for such a transaction, the refund will be returned in the