April 26, 2018

Provincial Civil Services (PCS)


PCS is a competitive examination that covers the domain of governmental job criteria. Unlike CSS – Central Superior Services – it is source that one who undergoes and clears it, helps him get a potential job in provincial departments. Held under the auspices of Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC), it ensures a successful candidate to have a reasonable status in provincial set-up. Or otherwise, a PCS degree holder becomes a part of provincial government machinery. This can be availed in Provincial Police Department, a status in high court judiciary and multiple provincial departments.

PCS Methodology:

Punjab Public Service Commission arranges the examination of Punjab Civil Services announced twice a year where candidates from all over the province are eligible to apply for. A specific number of posts are announced by PPSC to fill with the successful candidates in the examination who after a proper training a awareness are sent to take over the relevant government department. However, its competition is very hard where a candidate has to prepare him/herself entirely to contest the trial. However, here you need to enjoy an extra command over English language. It has been made mandatory for all candidate to do all papers in English. Like CSS, it has both compulsory and optional subjects to be selected by the candidate.

Here we introduce one of the leading administrators to ensure for the preparation for both CSS as well as PCS examinations. We have been sending our candidates for both of the examinations for years now and we get at least 70-75 % results in every examination. Our criteria of preparation of candidates for this exams. is on quite modern lines where first we give opportunity to him/her to get command over the subjects which a compulsory and specifically english.

As candidates know, every question in this examination has a specific duration within which it has to be attempted. We focusing on this very requirements, prepare the candidate enabling him/her to answer the question much before the stipulated time leaving even a short time hind to review what he/she have attempted in the paper.

Our fees suit to every type of purps and pocket which are quite easy to be afforded. We also keep in consideration the psychology aspect of every student so that during its interview particularly he/she can simply able to clear this. Kindly try and get success.