April 26, 2018

Short Course


Duration – 3 Months

Fee – Rs.5000 (US$50)

Coverage – Grammar, Syntactical Lay-out, Stylish way & others.

The short course we conduct is a tutor that learns you the very basics of English Language. Here, we give elementary knowledge about speaking, reading and writing the essentials tools of English learning. Apart from this, we also give candidates substantial time period to speak during which we guide them how to be stylish while speaking English Language.

Our criterion of teaching changes as the situation changes occasionally add new and latest tools to learning. The arrangement we provide for english learning has been eulogized by our students having undergone all the three courses at our platform e.g., Long Course, the Mediocre and the Short one. We do serve our students on “first come, first served” basis.

Meanwhile writing correct English is one of our criteria that is must during this era of latest technology. We serve our students to their entire satisfaction who never return disappointed. We also don’t compromise on our customers’ contentment.