April 25, 2018

TOEFL Course




TOEFL stands for TEST OF ENGLISH AS FOREIGN LANGUAGE. TOEFL is needed for all those who intend to proceed to foreign countries either for studies or service. Before IELTS, TOEFL reigned for this purpose but now IELTS suffices for this particular object. Even today most of the states overseas demand TOEFL certification for studies or service. Unlike IELTS, TOEFL consists of scoring that is awarded after undertaking tests etc. TOEFL is also still required for USA today specifically. During TOEFL certification different books prescribed for the agents are taught/read. American Center & Bristh Council are the main agents where most of the candidates do preparation and are examined having been awarded its certification.


Agents for TOEFL:
As already elaborated above, American Center and British Council are the authorized agents for this examination but there are other agents who prepare for the competition of TOEFL privately. Anyway, like IELTS we have to undergo for the examination under the auspice of these two organizations.



Preparation for TOEFL:

Normally, 3-4 months are needed for the preparation of this examination. After the advertisement of the competition by the concerned agents, one has to submit admission fee and other requisite amounts.
Test for TOEFL:
Four (4) tests are carried out that include writing, speaking, reading and listening. Scoring is made according to the merit already set. Once certification is achieved, the holder of it may apply for visa for service. The students can also apply for visa for higher studies abroad.





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